Asset management

Asset management

Currie & Brown’s experience of working closely with clients has been centred on the development and implementation of asset management strategies and plans, emphasising the intrinsic link between business planning and physical assets. Currie & Brown understands the issues associated with asset management strategies and plans in terms of assessing the best portfolio required to deliver first class services; savings on annual costs; maximising efficiency; improving service delivery; planning and developing partnerships and synergies with other organisations and upgrading procurement strategies to maximise value for money.

Organisations in the private and public sectors face asset management challenges Currie & Brown, through our asset management approach, is deriving efficiency and value for money in supporting core business activities for our clients.

Continous improvement model

Successful delivery of an asset management programme requires that all of the participants have a clear understanding of how each contribution interfaces and is interdependent with that of others. On a practical level from our experience we have developed a continuous improvement model, Hologram ™. This model illustrates how we place the importance of financial management and data management in the development of asset management plans. The Hologram ™ model consists of stages that focus on efficiency and performance drivers and the subsequent verification of unilateral objectives taking cognisance of service delivery risks, security strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

Working with our client we develop a sustainable asset management plan that aligns with business planning and core activities.

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