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New 2.5 million extension opens at Toronto Primary School


A new 2.5 million primary school extension, for which Currie & Brown provided quantity surveying services, has opened in West Lothian, Scotland.

The extension to Toronto Primary School in Howden is part of West Lothian Council's schools development programme, covering improvements to the site as well as the construction of a new gym hall and changing areas. The project also includes a safe drop-off area and a programme of re-roofing and insulation works on the existing classrooms.

The development has expanded the existing inner street which runs through the school, creating a new main office area and re-routing vehicles and pedestrians to the new entrance area.

Toronto Primary School's head teacher, Lorraine Collins, commented: 'The project has made a real difference to the whole school community at Toronto, improving access to the school inside and out.'

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