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Currie & Brown helps Larsen & Toubro India deliver contract


Indian and French offices co-operate on prestigious nuclear fusion project

Currie & Brown’s global reach has enabled its Indian and French operations to combine and provide project management services to part of the prestigious international nuclear programme, ITER.

Currie & Brown has advised major contractor Larsen & Toubro India in a multi-million pound project to build a temporary workshop that will house the Cryostat, a giant stainless steel vessel to be installed at the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) at Cadarache in the south of France.

The ITER facility is a nuclear fusion experimental reactor developed as part of an international collaboration involving the European Union, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States. The stainless steel vessel will be 30m high and have a 30m diameter, and will be assembled in four pieces within a custom built workshop on-site, before its final installation at Cadarache.

The vessel provides the heart of the experimental facility, which is based on a “tokamak” design which uses a magnetic field to confine plasma and ultimately produce power using nuclear fusion.

L&T India subcontracted the 110m x 50m x 30m workshop construction to a French contractor, and Currie & Brown France is providing project management and construction monitoring for the design and build contract, which is due for completion in August 2014.

The massive vessel will be manufactured in four sections in India, and then shipped to France for assembly within the workshop.

The “Cryostat” workshop is a key element of the ITER project. It will house 50 people who will assemble the vessel, using a range of technical facilities as well as a massive overhead crane with 200 ton capacity.

“For Currie & Brown this has been an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our ability to provide services for clients across the continents,” commented Damien Bouveresse, managing director of Currie & Brown France. “With subcontract work on such massive projects, it is important that the client knows they are being advised by consultants with genuine and valuable local knowledge.”

S M Shetty, chief operating officer of Currie & Brown’s India business, explained: “When L&T India indicated that they were carrying out such a big and prestigious contract for ITER, and that they would be subcontracting some of the work to France, we were able to show them that we can provide the support they need in both markets.

“Currie & Brown’s French and Indian teams have co-operated all along the way to provide L&T with a service proposition that understands their needs, and is capable of seamless delivery within France and India.”


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