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Currie & Brown UK enters new era with key office moves


Currie & Brown UK has made two significant office investments in London and Scotland as part of an overall growth strategy in the UK and international markets.

The company has moved its London group headquarters to new premises at Dashwood House, Old Broad Street, in the heart of the City.

And in Scotland it is creating a new office at the Maxim Office Park at Eurocentral, next to the M8 motorway connecting Glasgow and Edinburgh, whilst retaining a presence in both cities.

The new offices will provide drop-in space for clients and other visitors, making it easier for them to work during visits to the Currie & Brown offices.

“Currie & Brown started a programme of strategic change some time ago. We have focused significantly on our clients, on the key sectors in which we work, and on our international strategy,” commented group chief executive Euan McEwan.

“Now we are adding to that by moving towards greater operational efficiency, creating work centres where our people can join together in project teams and move among our offices much more easily. We help many of our clients to operate more effectively, and this is a prime example of practising what we preach,” added McEwan.

The new City office will accommodate key staff in London, and those drawn to the capital for specific projects. It will share resources with sister offices in Haywards Heath and Milton Keynes, as well as providing a hub for Currie & Brown’s activities across the UK and internationally.

In Scotland, Currie & Brown will retain its presence in Glasgow and Edinburgh, two key local markets. The new office at Maxim, a modern office development at the Eurocentral site in central Scotland, will draw staff from both cities.

“In Scotland we have a significant and growing business. Glasgow and Edinburgh are very important markets, embracing both public and private sectors. This move aligns with our clients’ requirements as we help them identify key issues within their overall asset management strategy. The whole aim is to assist in improved operational efficiency and closer working together,” commented UK chief operating officer, Andrew Loudon.

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