Our track record within the high technology sector demonstrates successful management of several large and complex projects for sector-leading manufacturers including semiconductor fabrication and support buildings, mission-critical data centres, and research and development laboratories. Our extensive experience and expertise ensures that clients optimise time, cost and quality in developing the production facilities and infrastructure required to accommodate rapidly-developing technologies.

Delivery models we have used include traditional and emerging procurement methodologies, from traditional lump sum, design and build, to incentivised collaborative working.

The Currie & Brown accelerated learning curve has enabled clients to:

  • Recognise the optimum investment profile based on project/business asset lifecycle responsive to the technology/cost curve
  • Work with advisors, contractors and equipment suppliers to deliver the “next technology” with the necessary speed to market
  • Model whole-life costing for their asset base and build in flexibility and adaption as the market for their products changes
  • Move towards shared risk and alliance-based investment programmes, leading to more coherent and consistent decisions on time, cost, location and scale