Residential property

Population growth has created significant demand in the residential market both in developed and emerging economies. The emerging economies have produced aspiring middle-class consumers who demand better living conditions, whereas housing demand in developed economies is fuelled by the recovery from the global financial crisis and the attraction of internationally-mobile funding. Globally, urban population has now passed the tipping point versus rural totals. The increasing demand for housing stems from economic development and wealth creation. These in turn have increased pressure on available land and tightened the ratio of cost to value for residential developers. This has highlighted the importance of unit living space efficiency, the appropriate blend of unit sizes, the scale of development to plot dimensions, the proximity to services, transportation hubs and other services such as education and sanitation. All are key to a successful residential development.

At Currie & Brown we have the knowledge, expertise and track record to work alongside clients to deliver their objectives and create long-term sustainable success, whether as investor, funder or developer (owner in the public sector) across the complete development cycle:

  • Land/asset acquisition
  • Design and planning
  • Construction
  • Sales
  • Portfolio management

Our services are aligned to the needs of our clients:

Asset due diligence
Financial analysis IRR, profit and yield
Development potential
Asset review
Disciplined business planning
Tenure and sales
Development potential
Avoiding obsolescence
Construction costs and programme
Procurement and market trends
Third party issues